Interview: “When It Comes To Fashion, I’m Not Scared To Take Risks” – Triple MG’s First Lady Emma Nyra Has Got That Wow Factor!

The Happy-go-lucky nature will make you think you knew her from way before. Yes that’s Emma Nyra within the first few minutes of meeting her… at least we know a thing or two about her because of her songs.

Emma Nyra got everyone curious right from the beginning, we were all asking ourselves questions, “Who is this chick? Where has she come from?”, all this was when “Your waist” crooner Iyanya dropped the famous single. She took a small part in the song and delivered but it so well it stood out like her career is doing right now. Even then, it wasn’t hard to point out her unique voice and style of choreography in such that when she dropped “Ori Mi Wu,” It was as if she confirmed what music critics have been speculating all along, which is, Emma Nyra has got that wow-factor. She is the complete package of what a female artiste should be made up, the voice, the physique and the stage-craft.

Emma Nyra was born and raised in Texas, USA to Nigerian parents from Delta State. She is best described as a Southern Belle with a Nigerian twang. Emma moved back to Nigeria last year and teamed up with MMG’s Iyanya and Franklin Ubi while developing herself as an artiste. She has since released singles including including “Ori Mi Wu” and “Everything I Do.”

Now with the release of the hit single “Kereshere,” it is no longer contestable that Emma will give a lot of her female counterparts a run for their money, and being the only female on her label, Tripple MG, which gives her leverage, there is no telling the heights attainable. has been on the lookout for the fashionista and fast rising artist who recently celebrated her birthday. We thought to ourselves, no better time to meet with this fast rising star and be the first to get our readers up to speed on Emma’s music and fashion. And for all her fans out there, you won’t be disappointed because she has confirmed her goal, which is claiming the No. 1 title, all other Nigerian female artists should watch out!

OB: You were formally based in the United States although you are originally from Nigeria, How is life now that you have relocated to Nigeria?
EN: It’s just different because of the weather, I’m used to summer time being hot and December period being cold but here, summer time is cool and December is hot! Aside that, my way of life hasn’t really changed much, I work very hard and everything is being taken care of for me but it’s not like I’m struggling… I’m not struggling to catch up at all. I’m with my people now! You know in America, you like it or not, you are still a foreigner but right here is home so you blend in.

OB: Tell us about your efforts as an artiste in the United States
EN: As an artiste in the US, I did my first show in 2009, then I wasn’t signed so I was getting shows on my own. I also used some of my scholarship money to go for gigs so it was difficult and being a female artiste, I didn’t have anyone to protect me if there was any trouble or the likes, but now I’m signed and there is a certain structure to that effect so lots of the headaches I used to have, I don’t have them anymore.

OB: How did you meet Ubi Franklin and Iyanya?
EN: I met Ubi and Iyanya in 2010, that’s my manager, I met Ubi through a mutual friend and he told me to finish school and then I should move back to Nigeria because there is no Nigerian artiste that is mainstream in Nigeria and based abroad that can penetrate the Nigerian market effectively. In 2011, I met him again with Iyanya this time, he pressed further that I should move back to Nigeria, so I moved back to Nigeria fully in March 2012, that’s when we formed Made Men Music Group.

OB: While you were in the State, you did a little bit of rapping on your songs, are you also a rapper?
EN: We just did a Tim Westwood freestyle, there’s one with Iyanya and there’s another we both of us and I was rapping and singing on it. I’m not a rapper, I am a vocalist but I can rap. I’m not going to wake up and say I want to do a rap album so no, I’m not a rapper.

OB: Your name Emma Nyra, can you tell us the meaning and why you chose the name?
EN: In school, they used to call me E-Money and since I went to school with different Africans, I added ‘Naira’ so they will know I represented Nigeria, I just chose to spell it differently.

OB: From featuring on Iyanya’s “Your Waist” to releasing our own singles, you are becoming a force amongst female artistes, what is the legacy you will like to be known for?
EN: I will love to be known for the quality of my music not the quantity of my bank account. I don’t want people to just say Emma Nyra was rich but I want them to say Emma Nyra was talented, she’s an entertainer, that’s the legacy I want to live by and it takes hard work.

OB: In the entertainment industry, who are those you look up to?
EN: I look up to my manager – Ubi Franklin, I also look up to Iyanya. Iyanya sits with me in the studio and help me get my acts right. I look up to timeless artistes like 2Face and Omawumi. Worldwide I look up to Timbaland, Jay Z, Beyonce, Tina Turner and I grew up listening to Mariah Carey so that’s like my main mentor.
OB: “kereshere” is big right now, what’s the meaning of the word?
EN: Kereshere is my own “lamba.” It’s gotten from “erekere.” I had to mix that up to create my own word, which is just saying “shakara” and “dance.” So if anyone else uses the word, you know they got it from me (laughs).

OB: How do you see the place of female artists in the entertainment industry, do you think they are getting enough attention like their male counterparts?
EN: See, right now there is enough room for the female artistes. If you had asked this question five years ago, I would have said I am optimistic but right now, I am positive that the females are getting considerable attention, besides tides are changing and the female can even dominate it soon. Everything is being accepted right now whether you are gay, straight, so I am positive.

OB: Let’s talk a little about your fashion, it seems the whole ‘blogosphere’ is always waiting for you to appear at an event so they can crtic your style, how do you cope with it all, what’s your style?
EN: (Laughs) when it comes to fashion, I’m a person who isn’t scared to take risk. I tell people you won’t be young forever, so I don’t mind taking risk and showing off a little skin. When I’m older and married I won’t even want to allow myself show off my husband property but right now, I’m single, I’m singing and I’m young so I want to be as comfortable and fashionable as possible. It’s 2013 and people are accepting new trends! I’ll take judgments from some views but that’s part of being an entertainer, you want people to talk.

OB: So you wear Nigerian designer, tell us some of your favourites?
EN: I have worn Elegante from TiannaStyling, Indigo, Imani Swank, most of the time you see me out I’m wearing a Nigerian designer. I prefer working with Nigerian labels because they know the modern Nigerian look.

OB: Do you always work with stylist to put your looks together?
EN: Yes, I work with stylist and makeup artiste most times but sometimes I just go with what I put together.

OB: What is one makeup item you simply cannot live without?
EN: That will be my lip-gloss. I don’t like going out and looking polish but with a cracked lips.

OB: what do you do for relaxation?
EN: I relax in the studio, other times I just watch my favourite TV show which is “Spartacus.” And if I have a free day, I just sleep because that does not come around too often.

OB: You just celebrated your birthday, what is it you hope to have achieved before your next birthday?
EN: Last year on my on my birthday I dropped my first single and that was the first thing I have done in the industry that moved, so I told myself that by next year, I hope to go further, and I have gotten further than I thought so by next year, I hope to have my first album done, and have some major collaborations.

OB: So what are your immediate future plans, any show, concert, tour we should know about?
EN: Oh yeah, there is this European tour coming up… You will get to know about it as plans unveil.

OB: Anything you’ll like your fans to know?
EN: Yeah, I’ll like to thank my fans, everyone that has supported the music, Emma Nyra and shout out to! That’s for always posting our materials. I love Ono and what she’s doing!

Check out “Kereshere” by Emma Nyra.
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