Is Cardi B Offset’s New Buttercup? Tattoos Cardi B’s Name On His Neck

Offset and Cardi B

Offset got some new ink!

American rapper and hip-hop artist, Offset has tattooed Cardi B’s name onto his neck. Does this mean a sign that their relationship is built to last?

Reports have been buzzing on the numerous cheating scandal surrounding Offset and it looks like the rapper is trying to redeem himself in a grand way.

In a new video, a hand with long, pink manicured nails, pushes aside Offset’s hair to reveal a fresh tattoo that says Cardi B. As the rapper turns his face toward the camera, the person behind the camera makes a kissing sound before the clip ends.

Offset Tattoo

The tattoo however has some stiff competition though. While it’s romantic that her fiancé inked her stage name onto his body, it’s in close proximity to his tattoo of Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls.

Since Offset’s alleged affairs have gone public, his fiancée has been pretty outspoken about her haters as well as her relationship.

While Cardi seems to be standing by her man, we can’t help but wonder if the tattoo is a way to prove to haters that their romance is here to stay — or if it’s Offset’s way of proving to his partner that she’s the one he wants to be with despite being caught cheating on her.




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