Issa Rae Glows On The Fashion Issue Of The Observer Magazine

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Issa Rae should be crowed queen of magazine covers at this point because she brings it to the table everytime.

Gracing the September 2020 ‘Fashion Issue’ of Observer Magazine, the American actress and producer is lauded as “potentially the hardest-working person in Hollywood, putting in overtime with the aim of having it all.”

The Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-nominated star in an accompanying interview opened up about her upcoming HBO film “Coastal Elites“, being the booked and busiest, the importance of legacy and more.

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See few excerpts below.

On “Insecure”: “It is a compliment and a burden that people take so much ownership over the show,” Rae says, “because there aren’t a lot of shows about us, so people feel like you have to tell all the stories that can be told, and if you don’t you’re failing us.”

On how sharing a name and face with her character on “Insecure”, has made privacy a priority: “People have a lot of shit to say and I just don’t want it to be about me, unless it’s talking about my work,” she says. “People fill in the blanks about my own life because of the characters’ choices, but I’m fine with that. As long as it’s not my real shit and it’s wrong then talk away!”

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On the complicated diversity within Hollywood. “It’s just another way to divide us, unfortunately,” she sighs. “Seeing Daniel Kaluuya in that Fred Hampton trailer, I was like, go the fuck ahead! You transformed, you’re an actor! Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised when I’m watching white shit and I’m like, ‘Oh! The bitch is Australian? That’s so dope! I would have never known.’”

On her legacy: “As far as legacy is concerned, I have so much to do,” she says. “And I’m fine with that, but it definitely keeps me up at night. My feet aren’t firmly planted just yet. I’m still walking, I’m still paying my dues, in a way that I’m not mad at. I want to earn being here.”

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