Iyanya Doesn’t Like Tekno- Ubi Franklin


As expected, Ubi Franklin, former manager and business associate of singer, Iyanya has honoured an interview to clear the air as regards allegations labelled against him by his former partner, Iyanya.

Iyanya had spoken to Daddy Freeze of Cool FM, stating that Ubi tried to tarnish his image with Tekno, by telling the chap that ‘he (Iyanya) doesn’t like Tekno’, amidst other accusations.

In an interview with Dotun and Kemi Smallz of Cool FM, Ubi Franklin categorically stated that Iyanya indeed didn’t like Tekno.

“Iyanya doesn’t like Tekno, I’ll say it here and I have proof to show that” Ubi said. .

According to Ubi, the supposed dislike came up after he spoke to Iyanya about signing Tekno.

Although Iyanya earlier denied such claims, Ubi came through with printed screenshots of whatsapp chats between him and Iyanya revealing that Tekno “disrespects” him (Iyanya)









Stay tuned for more gist on the exclusive interview where Ubi spoke about the MMMG co-ownership claims, forging Iyanya’s signature and all other topics.

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