Jeff Bezos Becomes The World’s Richest Person In Modern History

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Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon has emerged the world’s richest person in modern history. According to Forbes, he’s the first-ever person to amass a $200bn fortune.

With Amazon stock edging up two per cent as of Wednesday afternoon, Bezos’ net worth is up by $4.9bn, crossing a milestone previously unseen in the nearly four decades.

For comparison, Bezos is personally worth more than Nike, McDonald’s and Pepsi, which are all valued between $139bn and $191bn. Bezos already held a substantial lead on the next closest rich guy, Bill Gates, who entered Wednesday with a net worth of $123bn, according to Bloomberg.

The bulk of his fortune stems from a 10.9 per cent stake in Amazon — or about 54.5 million shares — which Bezos founded in Seattle in 1994. It’s also worth pointing out that Bezos would’ve hit the $200bn mark sooner had he not divorced his wife last year.

His ex-wife, MacKenzie, is worth more than $64bn after getting 20 million settlement Amazon shares during their divorce. Overall, Amazon is worth $1.72trn — making it the second most valuable company behind Apple, which has a market cap of $2.16trn.

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