John Boyega Asks Christians To Boycott Churches Preaching Only Prosperity

John Boyega OnoBello

Ever since Black Lives Matter protests began, John Boyega has been one of the few celebrities avidly advocating for minorities and even putting his acting career on the line.

And now the Nigerian-born British actor is even getting more candid with his followers as he recently told Christians to boycott churches that ignore the recent issues countries around the world are plagued with.

“This is a good time to question absolutely everything. You want to go back to the same old system?”, he began on Twitter. He added, “Christians. Don’t go back to a church that ignores the current issues. Prosperity preaching every Sunday. Kmt.”

After a follower stated that Churches should not be concerned with politics, Boyega responded by tweeting “We are the church. Yes we are.”

See below and share your thoughts.

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