Judge Orders Pornstar Stormy Daniels To Pay Trump $293K in Legal Fees, Her Lawyer Threatens!

Screenshot_20181212-092902A judge has ordered Stormy Daniels to pay $293,000 in legal fees and sanctions to President Donald Trump following the dismissal of a defamation case she had filed against him. Daniels, the porn star whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, had filed suit against Trump over a tweet that she claimed defamed her.

The suit was dismissed in November. Trump had asked the court to order Daniels to pay $389,000 in legal fees and the same amount in sanctions. Her legal team had sought fees around $25,000 and $1 in sanctions.

U.S. District Court S. James Otero of the Central District of California ordered Daniels to pay $292,000 in legal fees and $1,000 in sanctions.

Daniels and her attorney Michael Avenatti are appealing the dismissal of the defamation case. Although he took to twitter to air his view about the case, and equally left some threats.

Check his tweets below


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