Kankara Abduction: Kastina Schoolboys Recount Horrid Experiences After Release

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Some of the abducted Kankara schoolboys who regained their freedom on Thursday, have now begun narrating their ordeal while in captivity.

In an interview with Channels Television on Friday morning after the Governor Aminu Masari, received them at the state House in Katsina, one of the boys who gave his name as Aminu, said they ate only once in two days.

He also said he was not feeling well, adding that they really suffered while in the bush. “We suffered in the bush. Infact, we were hungry in the bush. It took up to two days before we ate in the bush. They usually gave us Cassava to eat. I am not feeling fine. I am sick,” he said.

Another student who gave his name as Abubakar said they were made to defecate in the same place that they slept. He said, “At the time we were there, the place was very cold and the food we were taking was just bread and groundnut cake and cassava. The place we were sleeping is the same place we were defecating. In the night if yiu say yiu want to go and urinate or defecate, they would beat you and ask you to go back and sleep.'”

He added that except Government provides security in his school, he will not like to return. “Nobody amongst us is thinking of going back to that school unless if some forces are there to guide us and control us.

The school is far away from the town and that is why when they came, before the police and army could come to the school, they had gathered us and packed us into the forest. It is only in terms of security that we have problem at the school,” the youngster said.

The abducted Kankara schoolboys have since left the State House, and are now being taken to the hospital for medical treatment. Governor Masari had assured them that they will be properly taken care of before being handed to their parents, one week after they were abducted by bandits in the north-western state.

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