Kanye West Breaks Down In Tears During His First 2020 Presidential Campaign Rally

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On Sunday July 19, Kanye West held his first political rally at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston, South Carolina on Sunday, July 19 but the result has left him facing backlash from many unimpressed social media users.

The event began around 5:00 p.m. local time with Kanye mounting a makeshift stage wearing a bulletproof vest. There was no microphone or podium in place for him to speak into, and his shouted comments were often drowned out by the jeers of the audience.

Throughout the event, Kanye welcomed various rally-goers to the stage to share issues that were important to them. He would use their comments as a jumping off point to share his own stances.

During the campaign, a young woman accused the Billionaire rapper of brainwashing children, however Kanye launched into a diatribe about how prescription drugs were also altering societal’s perception of reality. He also proudly boasted about his own 132-point IQ and how he went “to the hospital because my brain was too big for my skull.”

At another point, Kanye railed against Black iconography used by white organizations, specifically citing American historical figure Harriet Tubman as an example. “She didn’t free the slaves, she had them go work for other white people,” he remarked.

During one of the most surreal moments of the rally, Kanye broke down in tears while speaking about abortion as he recalled how his parents considered aborting him and his wife Kim Kardashian, had also considered an abortion prior to the birth of their first child. Between tears, Kanye said that if it had not been for a “vision of God,” he would have allowed his first child to be “murdered.”

Also, when a young woman took the stage to challenge Kanye on his views of abortion, Kanye maintained that he was not against abortion. Instead, he said America needs to do a better job supporting pregnant women and proposed giving every pregnant woman $1 million in order to see their pregnancy through, prompting laughters from the audience.

Elsewhere during his remarks, Kanye threatened to cease his relationship with adidas and Gap unless the companies put him on the board. He encouraged his followers to stop watching porn, and said, if elected, marijuana “would be legal and free.”

The atmosphere turned contentious towards the end of the event when a rally-goer challenged Kanye’s interpretation of the Bible.

Watch a snippet of when the rally below:


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