Kanye West Urinates On His Grammy Award Statuette In Bizarre New Video

Kanye West Twitter Rant OnoBello

Yes, Kanye West just posted a video of himself apparently peeing on one of his own 21-Grammy statuettes. Hard to say for sure if this is real or not, but the imagery is striking.

The controversial American rapper has been going off on Twitter for hours complaining about the music industry and his demands to be released from his recording and music-publishing deals so that he buy his own masters and own his official recordings.

After posting dozens of pages of one of his contracts to show how binding they may be, he then took a video of himself seemingly urinating on a Grammy plaque.

The US Presidential Candidate and husband to reality TV star Kim Kardashian captioned his shocking post too and makes it clear he ain’t sorry for this, writing, “Trust me … I WONT STOP.”

Watch the video of Kanye West seemingly urinating on his Grammy below:

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