‘Klitoris Means Key’ – Brymo On His Album Title, Artwork, More!


Singer Ibrahim Olawale popularly known as Brymo, caused quite a stir when he unveiled the artwork and title of his soon-to-be released sixth studio album, ‘Klitoris’.

The album art designed by Georgi Georgiev of Moonring Art Design, Arizona, United States of America features a creepy looking lady clad in a black wrapper held around her waist alone. Her upper torso is totally bare save for the flower petals shielding her nipples. Her face is obscured and she has wings made from mist (our own visual interpretation).

Brymo has however shed more light on why he chose the name ‘Klitoris’ as well as the meaning of the album art.

Chatting with NET  , he says:  “It’s a Greek word for ‘key’. It is where the word ‘clitoris’ itself originates. This album is the key to a certain door I have knocked on for years; and yes it was meant to be sensual, there ought to be two sides to the coin”.

On the album art: “It is art, some might find it to be creepy, but it is just art. On the original artwork (designed in the United States), you could see all of the woman’s breasts. An edit was done by Duks here in Lagos after iTunes refused to put it up on the grounds that it’spornography. The artwork is an expression of how I love and how I am unsure of the woman, all at the same time.”

According to him, the album features Esse, the mother of his son Olanrewaju, on one of the songs.

“The album consists of eleven tracks, ten songs; and it features my girlfriend Esse on the chorus of ‘Naked’, the very first song.”





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