Lagos APC Chairman Insists Primary Election Held, Declares Sanwo-Olu Winner


The Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Tunde Balogun has gone ahead to declare Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, winner of the governorship primary conducted by the party despite its cancellation by the electoral panel sent by the national headquarters of the party to conduct the exercise.

According to the result declared by Balogun, Sanwo-Olu polled 970,851 votes to defeat incumbent Governor Akinwunmi Ambode who polled 72,901 votes.

“It is my pleasure and delight to read the result of the election, conducted all over Lagos State, in all the 245 wards, to the public. The results are as follows: Governor Akinwunmi Ambode recorded 72,901 votes; Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu had 970,851 votes. Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu is the winner of today’s primary election,” Balogun said.

Also, Balogun on Tuesday night, 2nd October 2018 released a statement on the exercise.

“I congratulate and thank all members of the APC in Lagos state for coming out to participate in the governorship primaries in our state. The people assembled in 245 wards throughout the state to peacefully select our standard bearer for the 2019 gubernatorial election in Lagos. Demonstrating their commitment to democracy and to the party, they voted in large numbers and did so with enthusiasm and great purpose.

To be clear, an APC primary election was held in Lagos state today, 2 October 2018. Our primary was held in accordance with the party’s constitution.

Pursuant to that constitution, it was decided that this primary would be conducted by a direct open system where each voter queues behind his or her preferred candidate. Not only is this option approved by our party rules, it is the option that is most favoured by the people and by those who favour transparency and openness. Indeed, this method was used for the just concluded presidential primary, for our primary election in Osun state and for all subsequent primaries conducted by our party. It would seem a most questionable practice for us in Lagos to switch to a different method at the last moment for this one governorship primary. Such a move would be tantamount to electoral malpractice.

The election was held in every ward in the state. It was conducted peacefully and without incident. More importantly, this exercise was clearly free, fair, honest and just. Unprecedented numbers of APC members have now exercised their democratic right and expressed their democratic will. There have been no significant or material complaints of intimidation or irregularity in the conduct of the election. By all accounts, the exercise was credible, open and honest.

The people have now rendered their decision and there is no reason to cast aside the sovereign will of the people. For me, as party Chairman, to see vast numbers of people come out to vote and then say that no primary took place would be to cast shame on the party and its leadership. This I shall not do.

Those persons who now claim this election did not take place stand in direct opposition to the spirit of democracy and the express will of APC members in Lagos. The party faithful have spoken and it is their voice that is paramount. The Lagos Chapter of the APC is committed to honouring their choice. Their decision must stand as the true expression of the APC in Lagos.

To embark upon any other course would be to betray our members, our state and the core principles of progress and democracy upon which the APC is founded. Such a move is also at variance with the President’s strict adherence to the principles of transparency, openness and participatory democracy.”


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