‘Lagos, Through The Eyes Of A Fox’! VFRF Debuts With Unisex Graphic Tees, View The Collection

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Though a graphic tee is typically associated with easygoing outfits, with a little creativity you can elevate this piece and make it part of a fashion-forward look.

This is what new fashion brand Vulpes Fulva & Red Fox (VFRF) is about. Here’s introducing you to the brand’s much anticipated unisex collection from its “Lagos Series” Lookbook, titled “Lagos, through the eyes of a Fox”, this collection debuts a new Graphic T-shirt line, with each piece designed to give you a remarkable insight into the creative directors view of the magnificent city of Lagos.

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According to Creative Director Onyinye Atuanya, who is trained at the prestigious POLIMODA Institute of fashion design in Florence, Italy, “Lagos represents an impalpable feeling, a sense of being, an attitude all its own.… It stands as an expression of beauty, a strong spirit that exudes within its streets and in the heart of the people. You can see it in the unity and unwritten code of its inhabitants. Its wise counsel cannot be ignored nor can its pulse, which beats a rhythmic tune all around the city. My Lagos! Your Lagos! Our Lagos!”

Check out all the photos from the brand’s debut collection below!

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Photo Credits

Designed and Styled by: OnyinyeAtuanya (@vulpesfulva_redfox)

Photography: Ari Labadi (@mrarilabadi)

Make Up: Eadas Atelier  (@eadasateliermakeup)

Male Model: Wale Bello (@sobaint01))

Female Model:OlasubomiDurojaiye (@missusdee01)


For more information on the brand, please contact via phone: 08035925123 | Instagram: @vulpesfulva_redfox |Twitter: @vulpesfulvared | Facebook: VulpesFulva | Email: info@vulpesfulva.com, vulpesfulv@gmail.com | Website: www.vulpesfulva.com

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