Let A Man Be A Man: 8 Things You Can Do By Yourself But Should Ask Him To

Do you make an effort to make your man feel necessary? Does he feel needed in your relationship? Some women balk at the idea of “needing” a man to do anything or the idea that they should “help a man feel like a man.”

However, there are other women who feel loved and appreciated and want to reciprocate that feeling. These women know a good, spontaneous, well-timed ego stroke goes a long way to mutual happiness in a relationship.

Of course, that doesn’t mean a self-sufficient woman should morph into a helpless toddler. That would be disingenuous, but there are times when a woman should consider taking a break from running the relationship and allow her man to handle business.


Let Him Change Your Tyre/Jump A Dead Battery/Check And Refill The Oil

Many women are capable of taking care of their own car troubles, but it doesn’t hurt to let your man feel like the hero while you chill in the car. Especially when it’s cold outside!

Let Him Complain About The Service

Instead of always being the one to flag down the waiter, call customer service, or demand a refund at the arcade, let your guy try his assertive hand sometime. Being defended while you stand by and watch is not the worst thing in the world.

Let Him Fix Things

All men are different. Some men like to fix things that are broken and some like to buy things to replace that which was broken. Figure out what kind of man you’re dealing with and let him do his thing when it comes to taking care of you.

Let Him Give You Advice

Why do we assume our best friends are experts at life and our significant others are idiots? We listen to our best friend tell us to date a guy, buy a dress, or excommunicate a friend, but when our guy chimes in on a dilemma we are quick to wave him off. Here’s something to try at least once: acknowledge his wisdom, thank him for his input and take his advice.

Let Him Cook a Meal Sometimes And Enjoy It

We live in a generation where it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman not to cook, so sometimes it’s nice to relax and let the man cook for you and serve it to you on a plate with a napkin and a beverage.

Let Him Pick the Place…And Not Complain About It  

There are few things worse than the “Where do you wanna go? I don’t know, where do you wanna go?” back and forth on an otherwise nice evening out. If you have a strong preference, voice your opinion, but if you truly don’t care then let him choose. And when he does, don’t complain about how wacky said place is.

Let Him Do The Dirty Work

Why kill spiders, plunge toilets, or inspect the weird noise downstairs if you have a man around to do it? Unless he is hopping on the table next to you to get away from the ant that just scurried across the floor, he would probably get a kick out of you calling him in from another room to kill a bug. It seems silly and archaic, but he’ll love feeling necessary and appreciated.

Let Him Feel Your Respect And Support In Public

“In public” is the key phrase here. None of that arguing on social media or jabbing him below the belt in front of your friends and family. Sure you can look at him and feel like he’s the only other person in the room, but make sure he is before you criticize, contradict or even tease him. Be cognizant. A comment that may roll off his back in the privacy of your home can be humiliating to him when in front of others.

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