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Hair care is a growing business with new products being introduced regularly to ensure that people look good. Looking good is vital and since hair plays a very important role, a receding hairline or premature balding should be avioded with the use of lace front wigs.


Previously women traditionally used wigs as a supplement to their natural hairline, however today we have new and good options available in the markets today and one of them is the “Lace Front Wig”.



Sleek hair offers a lace front wig that is the ultimate in versatility. Hand-made and hand-styled, it comes in 100% human hair and gives you that perfect look time after time one that looks like you just stepped out of the salon everyday.



Also available is the more affordable option of the synthetic lace front wig. Both the 100% human and synthetic hair come comes in various lengths and colours making it impossible not to find your individual style.


Lace front wigs are fast replacing conventional wigs and hair extension systems.  This is certainly no surprise as women now prefer to wear natural looking wigs instead of making it obvious to all that the hair is artificial.


The second advantage of using the Sleek lace front wigs is that this wig can be made into any hairdo just like natural hair, from ponytails to chignon, while still allowing your real hair to re-grow under the wig.


Also, the Sleek wigs provides no tension on the scalp by way of stretching across it and hence makes it very lightweight. Besides, it is the best for managing any form of hair issue, including medical conditions such as traction alopecia which is hair loss resulting from consistent weaves, tight braids, twist, hair-rollers, dread-locks and similar hair fashion systems


The thing about the Sleek lace front wig is that you can wear it even when your hair is in a good condition as your hair line is not tempered with.



Celebrities that love and wear lace front wigs




Tips On How To Care For Lace Front Wigs

Caring for your lace front wig involves cleaning, proper conditioning and the use of styling products to help achieve the look you want. In addition, you must handle hair gently, and use quality boar bristle or nylon paddle brushes and seamless combs to avoid split ends. Also, make sure to keep your natural hair always clean so as not to cause damage to your scalp, your hair and your lace front wig.




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