Looking Hot! Yvonne Nwosu’s Instagram Cropped Top And Skinny Jeans

The Celebrities are blowing up our fashion radar, whether it’s in a casual ensemble or photo shoot get up. We can’t have enough of fashion so we can’t complain. Yvonne Nwosu shared this sizzling picture of her in a cropped top and skinny jeans; casual look but still totally cool. By the way, we also love those cat-eye glasses- so hot!, so cool.

Pretty Designer Yvonne Nwosu is one lady who doesn&#39t need tips on staying in stylish. As well as being a noted designer she is also a celebrity stylist and the founder of popular fashion line Vonne Couture. A unique aspect of Vonne’s fashion line is that she uses Damask fabrics which come from the word Damascus which was sold in common 21st century market in Damascus. This unique use of Damask gives Vonne’s pieces a very timeless look.



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