Love, Want, Need: Gucci Metallic Crossover Sandals


As you may have noticed, Gucci always has that knack for giving us something extraordinary…not that we’re complaining. In fact, we actually love it! And their line of leather crossover sandals are no exception. These steppers are out to give you a different kind of footwear experience.

Brace yourselves for this one, ladies!

2.Metallic pink leather

Metallic pink leather

3.Metallic gold leatherMetallic gold leather

This metallic leather sandal has quilted crossover straps and a curved thick metallic leather 4.5’ inch curved heel, which would surely give your legs some much needed leverage and height. If you love exploring another kind of shoes, then this would be a great start. Its fancy metallic sheen really makes it stand out from the rest.


4.Emerald green leatherEmerald green leather

5.Hibiscus red leatherHibiscus red leather

6.Nude leatherNude leather

Now, if you’re wondering just how to rock these babies, we’ve got photos of some of the most stylish celebrities in a pair (make that plural). From the very stylish Solange to London based actress, Ashley Madekwe and designer Lisa Folawiyo.

7.Solange 8.Solange
Solange Solange
9.Ashley Madekwe 10
Ashley Madekwe  Ashley Madekwe
11 12
13.Lisa Folawiyo 14
Lisa Folawiyo  Lisa Folawiyo

Check out more fabulous Gucci mule designs below!

15 16 17 18 19You can shop the $595 Gucci Metallic crossover mules here.



Photo Credit: Instagram|Getty Images

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