Lynxxx Releases Official Cover for “The Album Before The Album” Set to Drop October 26th



Lynxxx who announced a few days back that he will be releasing his sophomore album has now unveiled the official cover for it.

The Syndik8 Records singer who some weeks back dropped a new single “Chara Cha” is releasing another album six years after his debut album “This is Lynxxx”.

Lynxx took to his Instagram page unveiling the cover of the album he has titled “The Album Before The Album” saying:

“NewFlash : Ladies & Gents, Here’s is the Official Album Cover for my Sophomore album #TheAlbumBeforeTheAlbum Dropping on #October26th 😁🙏🏾”


A few days ago he dished on “The Album Before The Album” with an Instagram post that read:

“Ladies & Gentlemen… Im pleased to announce that my Sophomore Album titled “The Album Before The Album” would be dropping This month, October 2016!

Its been a long journey getting here, alot of experiences, the ups and downs, having things go as planned and also learning from errors / mistakes and then…ultimately finding my self, reinventing the sound and channeling all that into the music and emotions that you can relate and connect to. This has to be my most honest body of work ever…. At the end of this album, you would know who Lynxxx is from the inside out.. No barriers between u and i

Its been 6 Good years between my Debut album “This is Lynxxx” (available on ITunes) and this album. I had to take that break to make sure what im giving to the world next is a part of me and not just a bunch of songs compiled onto a cd…I guess its better late than never 😇… I owe u guys great music and the time is NOW! I put my blood, sweat and tears into this project

Spread the word, repost and get ready!#TheAlbumBeforeTheAlbum #Oct2016#TheCountDownHasBegun 🙏🏾#Syndik8Records #ManLikeLynxxx#NoItsNotAGospelAlbum lol —

Producers : @spaxclassic @masterkraft_@bantey

Engineers : @oteebeatz @therealikon

Features : @mreazi @ladipoe @elrepgh

Photographer: @kelechiamadiobi —

Styling: @kimonokollection —

Official release date and album art coming soon 🙏🏾 God bless yall!”


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