Am sure you will agree when I say applying your make-up is one area of beauty that is a little hard to master. Do you want cat eyes, smoky eyes and perfect lips? Or create bright glamorous eyes? Also, do you want to be able to switch between a natural and dramatic look? Then you have nothing to worry about, here’s bringing you a step-by-step process on how the makeup professionals do what they do best. Hold onto these tips and beauty trends in-vogue, as they will improve your techniques as well as making you look fabulous. All products here are MAC as it works well with dark skin, however there are a lot of products good for dark skin as well, chose products that work best for you.

Sexy Red Lips

Step 1 Ensure lips are their most smooth and supple by using a generous layer of lip conditioner. Exfoliate them if necessary. Allow Lip Conditioner to “marinate” for several minutes. Then thoroughly blot away excess.

Step 2 Apply lip primer on entire mouth and slightly outside of natural lip line.

Step 3 Clean the natural lip using a thin layer of foundation, concealer or face powder.

Step 4 Using a finely sharpened red lip pencil, use short, soft strokes to create a clean edge. Make sure the lip is shaped to look even and symmetrical. Fill in the entire lip with the red pencil before layering lipstick.

Step 5 Apply a complementary red lipstick colour using creamy or matte textures. Try cocktailing lipsticks to create your own personalized shade of red.

Step 6 To get the edges clean and picture perfect, use a small firm, angled or flat brush loaded with a bit of concealer to clean up smudges. Follow by lightly powdering the edges.

Cat Eyes

Step 1 Define the shape of the eye with a warm bronzy tone using a soft brush. Apply the powder up to the brow and out towards the temple.

Step 2 Brush the same warm tone around the cheekbones and temples of the face.

Step 3 Using a neutral brown eye shadow, apply colour in the inner corner of the eye and sweep it across the lid in a straight line towards the temples to add contour.

Step 4 Apply the same neutral brown shadow under the eye and smudge it slightly.

Step 5 With a fluffy brush, add a bit of shine to the center of the lid with a shimmery powder. Pull that colour out into the temples as well.

Step 6 Begin drawing in the liner with a dark shadow and an angled brush on the upper lash line. Create a sharp wing at the end.

Step 7 Fill in the bottom lash line with the same powder and connect to the upper liner to complete the wing. Step 8 Follow with black pencil overtop the liner.

Step 9 Finish with a layer of liquid liner, tapering off at the end. Smudge with a pencil brush.

Step 10 Smudge the liner with a pencil brush creating a slight smokiness.

Step 11 Complete the eyes with a generous coat of mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Bright Eyes

Step 1 Apply light bright eye shadow to the lid using a soft brush. Step 2 Go into the crease of the lid with a brighter shadow Step 3Line the top lash-line with liner forming a cat’s eye effect. Step 4Define the shape of the eye by applying a brighter colour from before to the crease of the lid. Step 5 Apply mascara using the smaller wand to create a feathered look to the lashes. Push the lashes back while applying from root to tip to emphasize the natural curl of your lashes.



Step 1 Begin by squeezing a pea sized drop of foundation in your skin tone on the back of your hand. Mix with a large foundation brush and begin to apply to the face, starting at the middle of your face and blend outwards. Don’t forget to go over your eyelids as well.

Step 2 Mix concealer and Foundation to match your skin tone. Apply and cover up any blemishes and to even out skin tone.

Step 3 Set concealer and foundation with powder using a fluffy powder brush by buffing it into the skin with circular motions along the T-zone as well as cheeks and face.

Step 4 For contouring apply an eye shadow or blush in a shade darker than the skin tone right under the cheekbone to create contour with a slightly pointed brush.

Step 5 Define eyebrows by filling them in with a dark shadow, following the shape of the brow.

Step 6With a fluffy angled brush, apply shadow under the lower lashes and bring up into the crease of the eyes to add more definition and shape.

Step 7Take the same color of eye shadow used for the brow and add it to the crease to add more depth with a blending brush.

Step 8 Add a small amount of shadow for highlight on the lids with a brush and right under the brow.

Step 9 Using the same shadow used in the brow, take this shade right across your top lash line.

Step 10 Apply mascara in the direction that the hair grows.

Step 11 Apply a shade of lipstick similar to the skin tone with a lip brush for a nice creamy lip.

Step 13 Apply a nude gloss shade over for a tiny pop of light and sheen.

Smoky Eyes

Step 1 Apply a sheer coat of mineralized skinfinish natural all over the lid to even out and matte down.

Step 2 Apply eye kohl liner generously in the waterline making sure to go into the lash line and blending it out on the lid (top and bottom).

Step 3 Apply a medium tone eye shadow. Start at the lashes and blend it up to the brow bone.

Step 4 Use a darker toned eye shadow as a soft diffused liner all around the eyes.

Step 5 Also apply to the inside and outside corners of the eyes to add definition to your smoky look.

Step 6 Curl lashes.

Step 7 Apply mascara to separate lashes and add definition to your smoky look.

Step 8 Apply a luminescent eye shadow in center of the lids and the inside corner of the eyes for added dimension.

Step 9 Brush brows in place with clear brow gel.


PICTURE CREDITS: Banke K Meshida Lawal of BMPRO, Sleek Make-up, Mac cosmetics TIPS FROM: Tiffany Johnston, Gordon Espinet, Gregory Arlt, Luc, Fatima – All from Mac cosmetics

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