Makeup Tutorial: How to Apply ‘Non-Cakey’ Full Coverage Foundation by Lola OJ

lolaoj-onobello-beauty-1Beauty Blogger and entrepreneur Lola OJ tells us in this episode of her beauty Vlog how to get that perfect “non cakey” full coverage look.

Here’s what she has to say about the tutorial.

“This is a talk though tutorial on how I achieve this look, ideal for when you need full foundation coverage but do not want to look too cakey!

The most helpful tips I find lies in the application, gentle strokes with the right make up tools then setting it smoothly seems to do the trick for me.”


“If you have a shoot or a wedding and want flawless foundation look without it feeling and looking to heavy, then it may be worth watching this video.

This isn’t my everyday foundation routine as I don’t tend to need full coverage day to day, you can refer to my previous videos for my daily foundation application.”


Check out the video below.



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