Mali Sends Striker Niane Home After He Allegedly Slapped Team Captain


The Malian squad at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) has been reduced to 22 players after its Football Federation sent striker, Adama Niane home after he was allegedly involved in a fight at the Eagles’ official hotel.

According to Goal, the Mali Football Federation (Femafoot), as well as the coaching staff of the Eagles, decided to expel Niane after he allegedly slapped team captain Abdoulaye Diaby.

“Adama Niane was excluded from the Eagles group for non-respect,” Mali team’s media officer Ibrahim Zie Coulibaly was quoted as saying on EuroSport.

While the Mali team media officer did not offer full details on why Niane was axed, reports claim the striker was involved in an alleged altercation with his captain over taking turns for a haircut.

According to Footmali, the altercation allegedly happened when Mali national team players ordered a hairdresser to their hotel and once he arrived Diaby sat on the barber chair. This didn’t please Niane who reportedly slapped his captain.

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