MC Galaxy Reveals Etinosa’s Instagram Naked Video Was Staged

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You would remember there was a buzz when actress, Etinosa stripped naked on a live video of singer and dancer MC Galaxy, while he was promoting his new song. The act which had everyone talking resulted mostly into a backlash and majority of it fell on MC Galaxy, who was labeled to be a bad influence amidst others things.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, MC Galaxy finally spoke on the issue, According to him, the live video was planned and he was not happy to see that he took most of the blame after everything.

 He said:

“The live video thing, we planned it. Me and Etinosa actually planned that stuff. But I was not happy with the way the whole thing turned out to be on me alone.”


The singer further explained that the plan was not for the actress to go totally unclad but it went out of control during live video. MC Galaxy added that Etinosa had told him to give her a call whenever he was about to go live which he did.

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