Meet Adewale Adeyemo, The Nigerian-American Attorney Who Will Serve In Joe Biden’s Cabinet

Adewale Wally Adeyemo OnoBello

US President-Elect, Joe Biden, is set to announce his key cabinet positions and among them will be a Nigerian-born lawyer, Adewale Adeyemo, who according to Politico, will serve as Deputy Treasury Secretary.

According to website’s Sunday report, Biden is expected to announce in the coming days as he prepares to start his White House tenure.

Adeyemo, who is a former senior international economic adviser during the Obama administration, will serve under former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who Biden will reportedly appoint to lead the US Treasury Department.

Born in Nigeria, Adeyemo also known as ‘Wally Adeyemo’ was raised in California where he obtained a bachelor’s degree before proceeding to Yale Law School for his legal education.

Before his appointment into the Obama administration, Adeyemo worked as an editor at the Hamilton Project, then served as senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to Jack Lew in the United States Department of Treasury.

He later worked as the chief negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and also served as the first chief of staff of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under Elizabeth Warren.

In 2015, he was appointed to concurrently serve as Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics and deputy director of the National Economic Council. He went on to become the first president of the Obama Foundation.

According to Politico, Biden is also expected to name Cecilia Rouse, an African-American economist at Princeton University, to lead the Council of Economic Advisers.

When appointed, the 39-year-old would have occupied the highest level a Nigerian-American has reached in the USA Government in the 244 years history of the United States of America.

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