Meet The Stars Of EbonyLife TV’s New Fun Series, ‘On The Real’

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We brought you photos from the announcement party of EbonyLife TV’s newest series, ‘On The Real’a few days ago.

Now, check out the cast pf the TV series which has been described as the freshest, unconventional product to come out of EbonyLife TV!



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First up, we have Faridah! Everyone knows a Faridah (or is her).Someone who knows how to get what she wants, feisty and very outspoken. She is a 23 year old Graduate of the American University of Nigeria where she studied Communications. Her family is well off and she has moved out of her parents’ house into her own flat in Lekki. Faridah has some tough past experiences which have led to her current situation. She is also the female lead character of The Real and she put the ensemble together. She is one half of the power couple…



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Efosa and Faridah are the “power couple” in The Real. Efosa is the lover boy who is quite naïve when it comes to love which results in his heart being broken time after time. He is extremely likable. He has a degree in Engineering from UniLag, but his passion is acting. He sees The Real as a stepping stone, but not the kind of acting he actually wants.



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BJ is the hustler, the person who is always trying to impress people. Between you and I, he didn’t finish school but no one is EVER allowed to find that out. He used to get involved in dodgy deals (his way of surviving) but he’s trying to leave that life behind now.



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Wana, the youngest of the group and a recent university drop-out. She was born and raised in the UK and came to Nigeria on holiday, then decided not to go back. She is social friends with Faridah and is a cheeky, free-spirited party girl with loose morals, just breezing through life as she figures out what she wants to do. She is the youngest child of her parents who don’t pay close attention to her, so there are no limits as to what she may get up to.



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Amaka is the girl next door. She is shy, timid and doesn’t like talking much. She’s a hostess at a night club. She grew up in Enugu with her 6 siblings and her mother…her father died when she was 6 years old. She’s never had a boyfriend but that doesn’t take away from the fact that many guys have approached her. She’s pretty, smart and has a good command of English. Amaka is tired of living a somewhat honest life, and is looking for other ways to make more money as her family is relying on her.



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Lolu is the 35 year old obnoxious boss. With many years in the TV industry in America under his belt, he decided to bring his expertise back home. He is real and will do anything to make sure the show is a hit and that it stays on top. He is a married with children, he is hardworking and very smart. Watch out for his anger though!



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Then there’s Auta, she’s erm… well, I’m not going to give her character away. Let’s just say she brings drama to On the Real.



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