#MelaninOnFleek: Wanna Know How Sika Osei Cares For Her Dark Skin? Watch Ep. 2 Of Her Vlog ‘Ebony Loving’

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Ghanaian actress and presenter Sika Osei launched her beauty vlog, ‘Ebony Loving With Sika’ this month and we already love it!

In episode 2, the ebony beauty is letting us in on how she cares for her dark skin. Here’s what she has to say:

“Over the last month, I’ve had the most number of people – in any one month interval – reach out to me about how maintain my dark skin. In part, I think it might have to do with my Swimsuit Photoshoot that I had few weeks back for the Zazaii Influencer Series. Truth be told though, I probably couldn’t cover my entire skin routine in one video but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to touch on something that has become a must-have or must-do for as far as I can remember. And it’s Oils! Oils! Oils!

You couldn’t catch me any day using creams, ‘peoples’! Oils are my go to products that I use to continually revitalize and nourish my skin. Which is why I touch on two of my favourite oils and how I use or combine them in this episode of Ebony Loving.”

Watch her vlog below!


Photo credit: ZAZAII


Written by Olufunke Edidi 



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