Men’s Grooming: Steps To Preparing For A Big Event

Whether you’re attending weddings, parties, proms, graduations – it’s approaching that time of year when our calendars are full of social events. When preparing for a landmark occasion we all spend time thinking about what we’re going to wear (you’re in the right place if you’re looking for inspiration), but it’s just as important to spend some time on your grooming routine in the lead up to ‘event season’. Whatever event you’re attending this summer, and whatever you’re planning to wear don’t let your grooming routine be your downfall. Make sure you plan well in advance and everything will go without a hitch

One Month Before The Event
Time For A New Hair Style?

If you’re thinking of a new hair style for your big event, you also need to plan ahead. You may need to grow out your current style, or book an appointment at a busy salon or barbers – so thinking a month in advance always pays dividends.

Clear Up Your Complexion

If the condition of your skin is a real concern then there’s no better time to find a solution, especially if there’s lots of focus on you for the big event. The three main areas for concern are acne, oily skin and dry skin as these are the skin types that produce more visible symptoms. For all these skin conditions you need to start at least a month in advance to give your skin time to respond to the professional products and to see the results coming through.

Two Weeks Before The Event
Body Grooming

Body hair may be a big concern for those of you getting some before an event. Again, this is something you would have to plan a couple of weeks in advance to make sure you get the look you want and to give yourself time for your hair to grow back in the event of any disasters.

The Day Of The Event
The Finest Fragrance

Now the event is finally here, it’s about looking – and smelling – great. Fragrances have become more of a day-to-day essential for the modern man, but the ‘special occasion’ scent can still have a big impact for you. The key here is saving your favourite scent, your crowning fragrance glory, for the event in question. It needs to be striking, but not overpowering. It needs to be masculine, but not brutish. And it needs to be just as special as your outfit, your look and the big day.



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