Mic Check: Adekunle Set for Big Night at Johnnie, Jazz & Whisky

Johnnie, Jazz & Whisky is fast approaching and headline act, Adekunle Gold is super excited to be a part of Nigeria’s premier afro-jazz platform. A video has surfaced of the master crooner in rehearsal and if you were not sure of attending the invite-only show despite scoring a pass, this might be the video for you. Johnnie Walker Black Label, the rarest and finest whisky around, has handpicked Adekunle Gold because of the multiple parallels between both entities. His music, like Johnnie Walker Black Label, is rich and exceptional yet easily enjoyed.

More importantly, the uniqueness of both is deeply rooted in the character of their art.  What Adekunle Gold does with lyrics and melody, Johnnie Walker Black Label does with whisky casks and 30 of the finest single malt whiskies. Enough talk, the video speaks for itself!

Watch JJW Promo Video

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