Michelle Williams Reveals She Was Suicidal While In Destiny’s Child


While guest co-hosting The Talk this week, Michelle Williams opened up about her struggles with depression, which began when she was a teenager and reached a peak right as Destiny’s Child was at the top of the charts.

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  The singer shared that while she was in her 20s and at the height of Destiny’s Child’s fame, “I’m in one of the top-selling female groups of all time, suffering with depression. When I disclosed it to our manager [Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father] at the time, bless his heart, he was like, ‘You all just signed a multi-million dollar deal. You’re about to go on tour. What do you have to be depressed about?'”


At its height, Michelle shares that her depression, which she dismissed at the time as “maybe I’m just tired,” grew “to the point where I was suicidal … and wanted out [of Destiny’s Child].” But as she grew older, she began to take serious stock of her mental health: “I think at the age of 25, had I had a name to what I was feeling at the time, I would have disclosed that ‘I’ve been suffering from depression.”

In the aftermath of the episode, Michelle tweeted, “Thank you @TheTalkCBS for being a safe place to talk about #depression #mentalhealthawareness!! Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!”:






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