Mile 2 Explosion: Petrol Tanker Engulfed In Flames, Causes Gridlock In Lagos

Milw 2 Explosion OnoBello

A petrol-laden tanker exploded on Thursday morning at the the Alaba Express axis of Oshodi Apapa expressway near Mile 2 Estate.

Residents took to Twitter as early as 1:30am to call for help and express concern for their lives and properties as the fire began to spread to other fuel conveying trucks.

Eyewitnesses alleged the fire service had not arrived despite the fact that the fire had been raging for a while. The fire was eventually put out at about 2:30 but many properties had reportedly been damaged.

The Mile 2 community security who shared the report on social media, said: “Right now tanker with pms has just exploded beside LACASERA in mile2 inward OSHODI APAPA. Meanwhile, Mile 2 community security team ongoing to manage the situation while expecting LASEMA.”

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