Miss Nigeria Ezinne Akudo Anyaoha’s ‘The Eight Foundation’ Sets Up Rape Crisis Center In Lagos


Yesterday Monday 23rd of March, 2015, 24 year old Ezinne Akudo opened the doors to her own Rape Crisis Center set up by her organization ‘The Eight Foundation’.

Founded in 2014 with the strong goal of supporting victims of sexual assault, the mission of the foundation is to provide help, hope and healing to those affected by sexual violence.

The Eight Foundation provides free services in the areas of Crisis Response, Counseling & Support, Court Advocacy, Education and Outreach with the support of the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender, The Domestic and Sexual Violence response team and the Mirabel Center. The Eight Foundation was

In the words of Ezinne Akudo, “We live in a world where women are abused daily and are unable to speak up. One out of four women experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. This crime can take place at anytime and can happen to anyone regardless of tribe, religion or social class.Sadly, the society’s response to this heinous crime has led victims to believe that silence is the best option. However, Speaking up is our greatest weapon in this fight against sexual violence.”




For more information contact Eight Foundation Rape Crisis Center at 1A Kola Adeniyan Close, Lekki Phase 1 | Phone: 08189299999 | 08124452500 | Website: www.theeightfoundation.org

Twitter: @theeightorg | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theeightorg | Instagram: @theeightfoundation | Email: info@theeightfoundation.org 






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