Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 Stripped Of Her Crown!

Kristhielee Caride-OnoBello (1)


According to reports, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016, Kristhielee Caride, has been stripped of her crown.

The director of Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Desirée Lowry, announced the decision in a press conference where she stated: “I saw the damage that she was doing and the damage that she was doing to the organization.”

The decision to replace Kristhielee stemmed from the beauty queen’s bad attitude,  not wanting to participate in interviews and her dislike for cameras which was captured in video.

The organization has announced that its new Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2016 is Brenda Jiménez.

Kristhielee has since taken to social media to apologize after her dethronement. She wrote:  “I want to express my sincere apologies to every single one of the fans that have been there for me since the beginning, my team and the Miss Universe Puerto Rico organization.”

“It was never my intention to hurt or damage the image of everyone that helped me to be where I am today. It is of humans to err, it is also courageous to recognize our errors and I want to continue being an example of a real woman with purpose that maintains their head held up high in adverse situations of life”, she added.





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