Montaigne Place Unveils ‘Atelier Flou’ -The Haute Couture of Fragrance!

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‘The creation of each fragrance begins with a long, well-thought out idea to elicit emotions from a simple combination of noble raw materials.’– Jean-françois Cabos

Parfums, perfumes, haute parfumerie!

Leading luxury skincare, fragrance, cosmetics and Well-being Company in Nigeria, Montaigne Place have another exciting addition to their luxurious fragrance range.

After unveiling the Histoires de parfum collection, one of the world’s most niche & luxurious scents, Montaigne Place has now added French niche line,Atelier Flouto their already impressive collection.

This Haute Parfumerie showcases ten fragrances in its collection, five for women and five for men.



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“It’s couture!” – This early compliment paid to the perfume compositions gave rise to the name Atelier-Flou. The term ‘couture flou’ is suggestive of carefully handcrafted work, artistic craftsmanship, sheer textures and free-flowing cuts.

Atelier Flou creation is a magical process as it uses the rarest natural materials blending them patiently with unique know-how based on experience, passion and a few well-kept secrets.

Atelier Flou definitely wins us over with their beautiful handcrafted bottles. The Gold Bottles for the women collectionand the Grey bottles for the men collection.

Discover Yourself in These Harmonies 



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Sloane Rose for women ~ “Delicate, Daring, Distinguished. Resolutely out of time, this fragrance symbolizes absolute elegance.

Ten Nine for women ~ “Greedy, Careless, Devouring the life with full teeth. This fragrance tastes like a magic moment of life fully crunched. Greedy pleasure.”

Shamsin for women ~ “Luxurious, Voluptuous, The mystery of the eternal East. All in this fragrance is sensuality… Unforgettable sensuality.”

Paradis Paradis for women ~ “Pure, Original, Impertinent. So feminine, so unpredictable, completely independent. This fragrance dominates and opens out unconstrained. Freedom.”

Liva for women ~ “Adventurous, Bold, Mysterious.  This fragrance personifies the love of adventure, leaving nothing untried.



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Katana for men ~ “Strong, Powerful, Excellence. The personality and sensuality in this fragrance is inspired by the sharp edge of the saber of the Samurai.

Amarcord for men ~ “Memories, Imagination, Adventure. This fragrance draws our memories to lands where our hearts roamed free.

Monsieur mon Amour for men ~ “Elegant, Refined, Smart. This fragrance symbolises Ultimate elegance

Black Purple for men ~ “Mystery, Terrestrial and Celestial, Charming.

Eau d’aviateur for men ~ “Adventure, Density, Spirit. This fragrance represents the voyager.



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The master perfumers of Atelier-Flou do not follow trends or fashion, nor strive to astonish or surprise, but simply create for the pleasure of formulating subtle, well-balanced, refined and vibrant harmonies.

Discovering and wearing these harmonies will bring you pleasure, hour after hour, and day…



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The Atelier Flou Collection is exclusively available in Nigeria at select Montaigne Place Outlets.

Montaigne Place, Ikeja City Mall

Telephone: 0708 068 0133

Montaigne Place, The Palms Shopping Mall

Telephone: 0704 606 6641

Montaigne Place, MMA2 Domestic Airport Airside 2

Telephone: 0704 647 3099

Montaigne Place, Spa

Telephone: 0704 606 6640

Montaigne Place, Port Harcourt Mall

Telephone: 0704 652 9786

Montaigne Place, Silverbird Entertainment Centre, Abuja

Telephone: 0704 606 6644

Montaigne Place Customer Care






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