“Many Get Into Relationships For The Wrong Reasons”- Emmanuel Ikubese Covers MAN Magazine

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With the world getting more and more crowded with personalities possessing star power, the ones who truly make a difference at the top of the ladder are the bold, strong and drop-dead-handsome – just like MAN’s latest cover star, Emmanuel Ikubese.

The magazine sat down with the popular Actor, Model and Television Personality as he opens up on why relationships are not overrated.

On advise he would give his 12 year old self, he says:

“I will tell my 12 year old self never to give up and learn new things.” Emmanuel says as he reflects on his younger self. He describes himself as a very private person as we ask what life has been like since he became a celebrity. This doesn’t come as much as a surprise as it is indeed evident; even by looking at his social media pages. Ikubese is not one to flaunt his private life as ladies who have been waiting for certain reveals will unfortunately be disappointed once again.

On relationship, he says:

“I don’t think so. Many get into relationships for the wrong reasons. We are not meant to function single and alone; relationships are key.”

See more photos of his shoot in the magazine below.

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