Movie Review: Desperate Housegirls; Get Rich Or Die Trying

Desperate Housegirls is a movie written and produced by Uduak Isong Oguamanam. It was directed by Desmond Elliot, and it stars Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, Kenneth Okolie, Tamara Eteimo, Mary Lazarus, and Benjamin Tuitu.

It is a movie which shows what obtains in today’s society among young people who are stricken by the get-quick-rich syndrome. Three beautiful, smart, young girls have had enough of the ghetto life. In a bid to step up their game, they decide to become house girls to rich families. Their mission is simple: Get rich or die trying.

The movie Desperate Housegirls, contrary to what the title implies is not about housegirls doing what housegirls have done in every other Nollywood movie. This one is a bit different. It takes the romantic comedy approach and combines to make the movie an interesting one.

Desperate Housegirls follows three girls who are trying to make it in the harsh Lagos climate. Desperate Housegirls, One of the characters, played by Ini Edo gets the idea that they should quit their demeaning day job as waitresses at a mama-put and become housegirls. Other girls soon follow suit.

Victoria and Ivie are the other two girls that make up this trio who after seeing the new home of Ini as a housegirl, also decide that they want to become housemaids. Victoria, played by Tamara Eteimo, becomes a housemaid at the house of a widower with one young daughter. Mary Lazarus plays Ivie, the last leg of this tripod, who begins work with a liberal single mother whose daughter is out of the country.

They all play their parts quite well and it is quite unsurprising that the movie scooped up nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Original Screenplay and Best Drama at the GIAMA 2013 with actresses Tamara Eteimo and Mary Lazarus scooping up slots for most promising actresses.

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