Movie Review: Ice Prince & Omawumi Star In Yvonne Nelson’s “House Of Gold”

Yvonne Nelson movie, House of Gold that stars Nigerian artistes Omawunmi and Ice Prince, alongside Ghanaian Majid Michel, Eddie Watson amongst others premiered on Friday, 19th of July in Lagos. While some movie lovers have praised the movie, others were not so pleased as words have it that it is a movie of many stars and little shine.


“House of Gold” tells the story of Dab Ansah Williams, a high flying entrepreneur and business mogul, polygamist and socialite, who is battling cancer and has six weeks left to live, according to medical practitioners.

With the help of his long time associate and legal representative, he embarks on a mission to call all his children back home – most of whom were born out of wedlock and various illicit affairs. The re-union proves a little more than everyone bargained for as each child returns with an agenda, setting the stage for the most hilarious and bizarre seven days of their lives.

From a critic point of view, the same undoing of the movie is what makes it exceptional – its cast.

As earlier mentioned, the movie stars Majid Michel, Eddie Watson, Luckie Lawson, Umar Krupp, and Nigerian musicians Omawumi Megbele, Mercy Chinwo and Ice Prince Zamani.

While Omawumi put up a spirited performance akin to her usual witty and charismatic self, Ice Prince mechanical acting gave him away as he appeared to be too conscious of his lines and the camera.

Surprisingly, the often comedic Majid Michel gave the strongest performance in the movie although his character wasn’t comical. He played the role of the eldest son of the house in a rather mature and believable manner.

Yvonne Nelson’s character can be remembered for what she wore more than anything else, while Luckie Lawson acted rather amateurish for an actress of her calibre.

While the character’s weaknesses and strength made “House of Gold” a spectacular movie, it fell short in terms techniques but it makes for a good movie to watch with family and friends, add to the fact that it has some good laugh-out-loud moments.

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