Mr Eazi Unveils Plan To Allow Fans Buy Shares Of His Yet-To-Be-Released Music

Mr Eazi Streaming Shares OnoBello

Mr Eazi on Wednesday revealed plans that will grant fans the ability to buy shares on their favourite songs and own equity on them.

The Nigerian singer who has always been an advocate for African equity participation in the African music ecosystem disclosed the latest innovation on Twitter, revealing that he’s looking to sell shares of his music to fans, an earn-as-you-stream system.


According to him, the reason for this move which is currently garnering praises is that he has consistently been in the top five of Africa’s most-streamed artistes since 2016, therefore, he wants fans to partake in his success.


He added that he wants his fans to buy shares of his music, and as a result of this, his music would be streamed more, thus becoming global hits.

He then gets more streaming revenue and you, his fan, get a return on investment. Therefore, a 1% purchase of his song gets you 1% of whatever the song produces.

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