“Mummy’s Superman” — Halima Abubakar Shares A New Picture Of Her Infant Son

Halima Abubakar Baby Photo OnoBello (2)

Five months ago, Halima Abubakar announced on Instagram that she had welcomed a baby boy. She has now further surprised her fans with a close-up shot of her newborn son, whose name she hasn’t revealed yet.

The Nollywood actress posted a cute picture of her baby on Instagram on Tuesday September 1, along with new month message. “More grace and Gods perfect miracle. As we step into a graceful month❤️ Ya habibi😍😇 We love youuu😍❤️ Mummy’s Superman 😇” she captioned the sweet picture which featured the 5-month-old laying on the bed.

Recall that the movie producer announced her baby’s arrival in an Instagram post in April that went viral after an American mom called her out for stealing her baby’s photo.

Halima had later responded, explaining that the reason why she didn’t share the original photo of her baby, was because he was born prematurely.

“He will be discharged tmr from icu.i didn’t post cos he was premature. God saved him. I just had to post this. For the people who didn’t see me, I have no close friends. I can’t show you a fragile child, I risked this just to post,” she had shared.

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