Music For The Weekend: 5 Prominent Nigerian Songs With Reggae Influence

Reggae has evolved so much that it can go undetected in the music that is being released nowadays. The truth is the contemporary music in Nigeria can trace its roots back to Reggae. Before this era of Nigerian Music – between the early 80s and late 90s – Nigerian music flourished with Reggae that when the genre began to evolve, it was the reggae music the artiste transformed to dancehall music with the likes of Zaaki Azzay, Daddy Showkey, Father U-Turn, Baba Dee and more. The new crop of artistes, in order to stay relevant in the market, had to remake the dancehall music into what has become a revisit to Afrobeat.

While it feels as though Reggae music has completely left the scene, it can still be seen in the music of prominent Nigerian artiste including General Pype and Shank, who are the most prominent artiste still carrying on the Reggae tradition. Also, Jesse Jagz has been showing a lot of Reggae influences in his recent songs, others include 2Face Idibia, Waje’s “I wish,” Faze, amongst others.

General Pype – Victorious Man

General Pype is underrated but that can be the next Mashek Fashek right there! The most wonderful thing about General Pype is the fact that he has found a way around his form of Reggae such that he can make a conscious music out of a club song. “Victorious Man” narrates the ordeal of an African child and his rise to fame and fortune.

Listen to Victorious
{mp3}General Pype -Victorious Man{/mp3}

Shank – Ghetto

This is so Afrobeat and so Reggae at the same time. Shank infuses local percussion on his Jamaican pidgin lyrics to produce a song that – like Pype’s “Victorious Man” – depicts the struggles and the victory of an African child, a very conscious song compare to the feel-good song Shank is known for.

Listen to Ghetto

Jesse Jagz – Redemption

When Jagz came out with “Murder Dem” and it had influence of Reggae music, most of us felt it was just by chance and now, he came out with a song with more of the influences and also, a title that that looks like an allusion to the legendary Bob Marley.

Listen to Redemption

Waje – I wish

The beautiful songstress tried her hands on Reggae and “I Wish” is the result of the experiment. A song that went controversial due to its video where she was perceived to have gone nude, Waje expresses her frustration about her soft side and wishes she does not have a heart.

Listen to I Wish

2Face – One Love

2Face delivers raw and uncut Reggae on “One Love,” a song that was on his sophomore album – “Grass 2 Grace” after he joined Kennis Music. 2Face is quite comfortable with the genre till present day and that is quite understandable considering the fact that his former group Plantashun Boiz – although was a R&B group – had songs with Reggae influence.

Listen to One Love
{mp3}2Face – one love{/mp3}



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