My Daughter’s Husband Is A Thief Who Is After Her Money -Singer, Becca’s Mum Says


It is no news that Ghanaian soul singer, Becca got married to a Nigerian man named Daniel Tobi. However, recently there have been reports stating that the singer and her husband are not on good terms with her mother.

In a recent chat with Chris-Vincent Febiri the mother stated a lot of things, kicking off with the fact that she had Becca during her teenage years and had to drop out of school to train her. While speaking, she took several shots at her daughter’s Nigerian husband, calling him a “thief”.

According to her, the problems started after she warned her daughter to be careful with the way she spends her money, an advice which seemed not to go well with Tobi

The Interview, which was largely in Ghanaian language had her stating that Tobi was largely worried about the advise to her daughter because he is a thief who is after her daughter’s money.

“I’m not the one in charge of Becca’s finances, the only advice I give her constantly is that she should be careful of how her wealth is managed. But since Tobi is a thief, a thief always thinks another thief is coming to steal something from him,”

“Of course when you’re the husband, you have to take care of the family, but the fact that you’re a thief you think that I’m coming to steal from my own daughter?

“If you want to chop all her money that’s up to him, and her,” she said.

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