#NaijaBrandsSeries: Watch Lola OJ’s New Zaron Lip Fix Review | Swatch & Tutorial

Lola OJ Lipstick Review OnoBello-1

Beauty vlogger, Lola OJ has just released another makeup review as part of her #NaijaBrandsSeries.

According to her Zaron recently revealed their new ‘Lip Fix’ which comes in 16 shades, I am not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks but decided to give these a try! Liquid lipsticks seem to be very popular and some high street brands start at the equivalent of N11 000 upwards, which can be quite steep if you wanted like 5 colours…”

“At only N1950 I wanted to find out how the quality would be for the ‘Zaron Lip Fix’ and how the colours came out on my skin tone, watch this video to get some inspiration…there’s nice red in there too just in time for valentines day!”

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