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Women have been treating themselves to manicures and pedicures for centuries now. Every lady should have a manicure and pedicure schedule, it could be twice a month of every three weeks. A professional manicure and pedicure treatment in a nail bar could cost from about N1000 to N4500 for basic treatments. Other treatments could cost slightly more. Some people see manicure and pedicure treatments as luxury and opt for DYI however I highly recommend from time to time between DYI’s you should make an appointment for a professional touch.

“I am different when my nails are done. I am more dynamic. I gesticulate more, I am better at scaring my staff. I can indicate impatience by drumming on tabletops and I can wrap up a meeting with a few choice clatters.” 
Marian Keyes

Short….Long! Painted or ‘au naturel’……..Well kept nails add glamour. Our nails are just as important as any other part of the body. Just like the clothes we wear, the way our nails look can affect our persona and how people react to us.

“When I see a lady and decide to walk up to her, I try to get a glimpse of her toe nail. If there are crying for help, there is a 70% probability that am just going to ask for the time and work away.”


For the ordinary person, you and I, pampering ourselves to the occasional manicure and pedicure would set us back N5000.

Most Expensive Manicure Iced Mani

This Iced manicure launched by ‘Cherish Me Ltd’. is recorded as the most expensive manicure in the world. It located at one of the most luxurious hotels in London, The Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair and costs $51,000. Your nails are glamorized with 10 carats of diamond. In the words of theowner, “The Icedmanicure encapsulates the ultimate luxury treatment for women. It oozes absolute fabulousness with no frills, just diamonds!”

“It’s a statement, an expression of individuality, personality and love for the finest things the world can offer” Let’s hope this includes a personal body guard. At least, they offer an aftercare service comprising of the removal of diamonds. It has been endorsed by Katy Perry.

Most Expensive Nail Art: Gold Rush Nail Paint

Costing just $130,000, this is no ordinary nail polish. The lid hosts 1,118 diamonds and the polish its self is made of real gold.

To get the look, Sally Hansen’s new Salon Effect nail polish trip should range from about N1500 to N3500 simply ask your beautician.

Think the Katy Perry look is too extreme a trend to follow, here are some much simple, yet stylish nail trends that are definitely worth trying!

Half Moon Manicure  

The Half-moon manicure is a reverse of the French manicure. For a more unique and attractive look, use two different colours of nail polish preferably to colours that contrast beautifully.

Or If you are in the mood to splurge and want to embrace the total elegant and chic look why not have it professionally done at  a trendy nail bars.

Nail Decals

Tagged “the nail trend for the fun, free spirited and adventurous woman” guaranteed to create an eye-catching moment. Available in a wide range and variety of styles you are bound to find one that suits your taste and personality. For a playful look you can fix a different decal on each finger.

Metalics And Foils

The Metallics obsession has crept its way into being the latest nail trend. In gold, silver or copper these shades will definitely attract immediate attention. “Extravagant nails like this is perfect when you long for a tint of extra glam in your appearance” says the author of latest nail trends. This trend is so hot that even our very own Tiwa Savage rocks it too!

Shatter Nails

This special effect nail polish is available from O.P.I in black and Barry M in various colours such as black, white, pink. It is a top coat polish which when applied over the nails starts to crack up/shatter as it dries.

For a more contrasting, eye-catching effect, use a base colour that is bright and contrasting. The shatter effect comes out better then the coat is light. Wait 5mins before adding clear top coat on it.  

For a more detailed guide to perfect shatter nails effect, click and watch this video below.


Pop Art Graphics


Play with patterns, flirts with colours, express and embrace creativity. This fun and creative nail trend may appear to appeal to a certain age group at first glance but this trend is 100% customizable. This is the nail trend that allows you to explore endless possibilities and be adventurous while creating new designs and patterns.

Not brave enough to follow the trends listed above? Good news, there is something else t you can try that is just as cool and chic.

Suede-Nail Finish

Also available in are other brands, OPI has a new range of ‘suede’ nail polish. No more do nails have to be glossy and boring. Available in 6 different colours from OPI, this Shine-free finish is “edgy and ultra-cool.”

Magnetic Lacquer


This future product are not available until October but it so exciting I just have to say something about it. Available from UK nail brand Nails Inc. this new nail polish trend is called Magnetic Attraction.

The three metallic shades – gold, grey and purple- seen on the left, contain iron powder and come with a magnet embedded in the cap.

After applying a coat on individual nails you hold the magnet over your nails to get a rippled effect. Now how cool is that? This is definitely worth waiting for.

See our favourite picks of some cute and extreme nail designs.

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