Naomi Campbell Covers i-D Magazine, Talks Her Favourite Nigerian Artists And Why She Holds Africa Close To Her Heart

Naomi Campbell i-D Winter 2019 OnoBello (1)

The final cover star of i-D magazine‘s ‘The Get Up Stand Up’ Winter 2019 issue has been unveiled as the phenomenal Naomi Campbell.

The supermodel has had quite an amazing year gracing major magazine covers and she did not fail to impress in this latest feature. In a cover story interview with i-D, Naomi spoke about the future of African creativity, diversity in fashion, becoming a prolific YouTuber and the best advice she ever received from Nelson Mandela.⁣

The philanthropist said her dream is to travel to all 54 countries (having traveled to Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda) and encouraged others to do the same. Crediting the late South African leader Nelson Mandela for her love of the continent, Naomi Campbell shared the reasons why she holds Africa close to her heart. 

“I realised it’s been overlooked and ignored on so many levels. That has to change. The narrative has to change. People’s perceptions have to change. That’s what my work is about,” Campbell said. “And I mean that across the board—fashion, music, tech, art, sports…I just feel like when I’m in Nigeria there’s so much creativity coming out of there. In Senegal, there is so much energy in terms of sports. I want the world to know. I don’t want it to be looked at as the ‘Third World.’ I want it to be given the same opportunities in education and skills as anywhere else in the world.”

When asked to list her favorite African artists, the 49-year-old businesswoman named a few Afrobeats game-changers like WizKid, Davido, and Fela Kuti who Campbell said, “What he stood for was so ahead of his time. I’ve been blessed to learn about the African continent through the late South African president Nelson Mandela, who I called grandad. That’s who brought Africa to my heart in the 90s. It remains in my heart.”Naomi Campbell i-D Winter 2019 OnoBello (2)


Naomi Campbell i-D Winter 2019 OnoBello (5)


Naomi Campbell i-D Winter 2019 OnoBello (4)


Naomi Campbell i-D Winter 2019 OnoBello (3)


Naomi Campbell i-D Winter 2019 OnoBello (1)

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