NBA Condemns Shooting At #EndSARS Protests, Declares Support For Citizens’ Rights | #EndSWAT

Olumide Akpata NBA OnoBello

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has condemned the shootings at Nigerians partaking in the ongoing protests against police brutality in the country by the members of the police force.

Speaking during a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, NBA President, Olumide Akpata, said the use of live ammunitions will only aggravate the already tensed situation in the country.

Therefore, he called for the protection of rights of citizens participating in the peaceful protests across the country, as the group outlined its short-term and medium-term goals for Police reform while the #EndSARS protests rage on.

“Under no circumstances should the use of live ammunition against peaceful and lawful protesters be tolerated,” he said. “Those found culpable must be apprehended and made examples of in the wake of the protests that have resurrected the consciousness of the Nigerian society and indeed the international community to these very important and systemic issues.”

The NBA leader explained further, saying, “The NBA is convinced that the disbandment of SARS or any other unit by whatever name called, reposting or transferring officers of any disbanded unit and other reactions will only scratch the surface and not offer long-lasting solutions to the endemic issues bedevilling the Nigeria Police as currently constituted.”

Akpata called on the Federal Government and state governments to protect the rights of citizens participating in peaceful protests across the country. In doing this, he wants security agencies to be warned against “assaulting, attacking, abusing or otherwise harassing or otherwise using force against citizens who seek to have their voices heard through the peaceful protests.”

Earlier this week Akpata had said that the association is working to secure the release of protesters in the #EndSARS protests and is very interested in and committed to the peaceful and holistic resolution of all legal issues related to the protests.

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