Need A Tighter, Smoother, Younger Skin? Opt For DermaPen Miracle Treatment Only At Laserderm

Today in our weekly feature where we share cutting-edge beauty techniques and treatments to help you solve predicaments you may be having with your body from skin to nails.

Today, we are focusing of the skin and sharing a miracle and innovative way to tackle issues you may be having with acne, acne scarring, pigmented skin lesions and patches, lines and wrinkles and problems with leg & facial veins.


One Of The Treatment Rooms At Laserderm Clinic

Well, the miracle answer is DermaPen- a new technology in the Nigerian beauty industry and at the moment only available at Laserderm Clinic located in Ikeja, Lagos. Laserderm is a new and innovative aesthetic practice run by fully qualified Medical practitioners with affiliations to practices in the United Kingdom.

Quick Overview of DermaPen

The Dermapen treatment is the worlds most advanced skin micro needling device and was voted as the best professional skin rejuvenating device of 2012 by Aesthetic practices throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

The FDA approved Dermapen as it is a FAST, AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE device that works to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin and is considered by leading dermatologist and Aestheticians world over as one of the best devices in improving fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing open pores, stretch marks, keloids, surgical and acne scars.


Using a patented, unique automated spring loaded tip, multiple needles vertically pierce the skin to cause unparalleled collagen induction via the micro injuries to the skin thus harnessing the body’s innate ability to re-grow and repair the skin.

The Dermapen also allows for the right active ingredients as chosen by a skin professional to be supplied directly to the deeper layers of the skin.

Due to its unique vertical needling technology, it allows for better treatment precision and is much safer and efficient than other needling devices and has a more superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation.

Dermapen’s multi-speed and adjustable needle depths, greatly increases the effectiveness of treatments, yielding impressive results with stretch marks & scars.

It uses sterile disposable needles and therefore there is no risk of contamination or cross infection.



A minimum of 6 treatments usually in 4weekly intervals is recommended however improvements can be noticed after a single treatment in some while others may require a longer course of treatment depending on individual presentation.

The thing is that I like some people have been blessed with good skin all my life though from time to time I breakout when its that time of the month, a bit stressed out, change of weather or bad water which am sure happens to most of us women.


There are some other people on the other hand that however continuously struggle with bad skin conditions (solving skin problems from acne, acne scarring, psoriasis, pigmented skin lesions and patches). Though the fore named skin conditions are perculiar to women some men do suffer these skin conditions as well as ones that result from shaving such as ingrown hair and bumps. For this group of people, DermaPen is a new miracle treatment and in my expert knowledge the middle road between aDermabrasive or Electrolysis facials though it is a lot more painful than having a regular facial.



Before & After Effects Of Dermapen Treatments

What You Should Know

The truth is that this procedure is painful.  Not unbearable by any means but you definitely feel it even if your medical practitioner applies numbing cream before the procedure.

There are five distinct areas for this treatment:Forehead, Cheeks, Chin, Upper Lip, and Nose.




The whole treatment takes an average of one hour.

Do not go under direct sun 24 hours following treatment, work out, or use sun block.  

The effects won&#39t be fully realised for about six months but you will see immediate results, your skin will look tighter, plumper,smoother and younger.


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