Never Let Rainy Days Pass Without Having A Cup Of Tea, Bread And Ewa Agoyin


It’s the rainy season again and it can come with lot of discomforts like wet hairs, smeared makeup, wet shoes and disrupted plans yet it has its own benefits as you can seize the opportunity of the cold weather to treat yourself to a fantastic meal of freshly baked bread and Ewa Agoyin sauce and a cup of tea. What else could better accompany the rain?

The term Ewa Agoyin was coined from Ewa which means Beans in Yoruba while “Agoyin” is a tribe in Benin Republic and was first introduced into the Nigerian diet by the Agoyin people migrating to Nigeria during the sixties.

Ewa Agoyin  is usually eaten with honey beans, hot yam or bread. The sauce is an easy to make one with blended crayfish, large bell peppers, Habanero peppers and seasoning.

So, before the season gets dry again, you should have this fantastic meal.

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