Interview: Never Too Late To Start Your Own Business! Francisca Pablo-Amaran Of Tells Us!

Francisca Pablo-Amaran is the Creative Director of Luxury E-Boutique-, a joint-venture business she co-owns with her husband Pablo Amaran. PF Luxuries was established to fill the void in the Nigerian and African fashion and lifestyle market for convenient, luxury shopping.

Francisca Pablo-Amaran, Creative Director Of

Francisca Pablo-Amaran grew up in a relatively large family with 8 siblings and very fashionable parents with an early ambition to be a musician. However, after working in the banking industry for 17years, she left to pursue a career in Human Resources. She holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of Ibadan and three Masters, the last being an Msc. in International Human Resources from Cranfield University, London. Aside from running PF Luxuries, she also works at Linda Bay, a Human Resource Strategy and Talent Development Firm in Lagos.   

Francisca Pablo-Amaran confesses that she was inspired by Natalie Massenet of UK online retail store-Net-a-Porter’s success story and tells us why PF Luxuries is one of the fastest growing online shopping empires in Nigeria and how she took that bold step.

Tell us about yourself; early childhood, growing up, education, family life. Career history?

My name is Francisca Pablo-Amaran. I am married to Pablo Amaran. Had a great childhood with my 8 siblings and very fashionable parents. Left banking after 17years to pursue a career in human Resources. Have a Bsc. in Sociology  from the University of Ibadan and threes Masters, the last being an Msc. in International Human Resources from Cranfield University, London. I work in Linda Bay, a Human Resource Strategy and Talent Development Firm in Lagos.   

What was your earliest ambition?
To be a musician!

What inspired you to start an online boutique? has been long coming! Making it online was a decision we took some two years ago.
It has been inspired by success of great products and online businesses the world over and the convenience it brings. We felt strongly that it was time to bring it all home!

How has it been setting up an online retail store in Nigeria, and can you shed light on some of the challenges you have faced so far?
It has not been any different from those of other businesses in Nigeria. I thank God for a great team as well as improved internet connectivity. There is still a lot to be done in engendering trust and increasing acceptance of online business as a way of life and the future!

How have you been able to overcome these challenges?
Taking one day at a time and constantly innovating.
You are not the first online Designer Fashion store in Nigeria, what sets you apart from all others?
We pride ourselves on being the premier Multi-brand E-Boutique catering to children, men and women all under one roof. On what sets us apart, our wide array of great products and sterling service makes us who we are. We leave that to our customers!

In the few months you have been operating, how has the consumer response been so far?
We are elated by the response to the site so far and this is still growing by the day. Thank God. We also hope to convert a lot of the visits to the site to purchases – actual and aspiration.

Your husband is a co-owner of the business; can you explain yours and his roles in the day-to-day running of the business?
My husband is totally committed to his legal practice. He is our sounding board for some of our decisions and of course, we all share a love well made products and are committed to the brand – the PF Luxuries ethos!

From your experience, what are the pros and cons of running a business with your spouse? What qualities do they need to make it successful?
It’s all about boundaries. is a passion in addition to our passions – legal practice and HR consulting. The lines are really very clear and unambiguous and must be so for all business relationships.

Finally, how do you unwind after a hard day at work?
Home is my haven. Anything else like a good book, a good movie or a glass of something refreshing is a plus!


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