New Music- Reality TV Star Uti Drops New Single

Nigerian actor and winner of $200,000 dollar prize money from hit reality TV series Big Brother All Star has dropped a new single, ‘Once in my life’. We get the inside scoop from Uti on his new single and the upcoming album.


OB: Tell us about the single you’ve just dropped?

The title of the single is ‘Once in my life’. It’s about all the pain and different emotions I was going through just before I went back into the Big Brother All Star House. I suffered major backstabbing, abandonment and betrayal, which resulted in this single. So for me it was an avenue to pour out all I was feeling at that time. The single is a bit sad and dark but really nice to listen to and it’s not about a girl, it’s about trust and loyalty.

We’ve just finished shooting the Video and I have agreed for it to be shown exclusively on a certain music channel. I can&#39t wait for everyone to see it. The video was shot by Patrick Ellis and directed Biola Saba, it is produced by Shogon and released from Back to Black Records with Don Amando as the executive producer.

OB: How in your opinion has it been received so far? 

UTI: The single has been released online and we’ve got a lot of positive feedback, which is really reassuring because the song is slow rock and that genre of music isn&#39t really big in this part of the world. So we have been really encouraged as people love it so far.

OB: What should we expect from this new album. Define the overall sound and message you’re delivering. What is it called and when is the release date?

UTI: For now myself, the producer and director have all agreed for 12 tracks to be on the album and it’s called &#39Ephiphany’ its going to be an eclectic one because that&#39s my taste in music. I think settling for one genre of music is boring. The overall sound is a mixture of soft rock, alternative, dance, house and Afro Pop. Don Amando from Back to Black records is currently handling the album. We are definitely going to be working with a few producers including Sam Cleff and Lynxx. The message of this album is a cocktail of emotions we go through in life, emotions such as happiness, sadness, fun and love.

OB: You releasing this album is it as a result of any pressure on your path to do something new and surprising?

UTI: No, music has always been my first love! I mean I&#39m not going to be obsessed with my music career as its just something I&#39ve always wanted to do, but if it I am well received as a singer then I am going to take it to the next level.

OB: What are the things you like/obsessions? Clothes, shoes, gadgets? Tell me about them?

UTI: For me its accessories and jewellery, I love wristwatches and different straps, heavy bracelets and a lot of crucifix pendants. I am like a kid in a candy store when shopping for these things.

OB: What is the most expensive thing you own? 

UTI: It&#39s my 3D LED flat screen Television. I don’t know what I was thinking when I was splurging on it.

OB: What are your must have items in your wardrobe?

UTI: I love tunics and blazers. They always fit any occasion I have to attend be it a formal or informal one and I get a lot of compliments when I wear them.

OB: If your house was burning down, what would you save?

UTI: I guess it will be my Phone, because I have all the contacts to help me get more stuff (laughs).

OB: What are your fashion tips, fashion according to Uti?

UTI: For me, it’s to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Choose the right colours and don’t follow trends, not everything works for everyone. Don’t wear coloured pants just because some celebs look good in them, you just might end up looking like a clown.

OB: What&#39s the worst thing you have ever worn? Any wardrobe malfunctions?

UTI: I&#39ve worn some really bad stuff. Back in the year 2000, I wore some spandex zip up shirt with my skinny narrow chest and I ended up looking like I was starved. As for malfunctions, I have had a few, ripped pants, busted Zips, it’s happens to the best of us.

OB: How’s the acting career going? Have you got any movie projects lined up?    

UTI: My acting career is going very well. So far done three movies -Burning Out, Fear Not and In The Cupboard. I have a few scripts lined up at the moment.

OB: Any woman in your life now?   

UTI: Yes I do but I like to keep that part of me very private. I wouldn’t like people to put pressure on my relationship. From what I know most public celebrity relationships never last at all because of that, so can’t give you any name.

OB: What lessons have you learnt in life? 

UTI: I&#39ve learnt so many things in life, you take a bullet for someone and they end up pulling the trigger on you. The more friends you keep the more trouble you get yourself into. I&#39ve learnt that character is more important than reputation. Character is who you really are and only your family or a really close friends knows this about you while reputation is what people think you are, which is most times a misconception of the real you.

OB: How have you managed to remain relevant in the entertainment industry? 

UTI: I remain grounded, I appreciate the people that support me, I stay close to family because they remind me of where am coming from. I stay humble, friendly and keep my ears open. I hold God close, I am constantly looking for new ways to better and reinvent myself and most importantly I have no single trait of self importance.

OB: Any life/survival tips?

UTI: Trust and hope in Jehovah and you can never go wrong. I believe in big dreams because any dream you have always remember that God put it there. The most impossible dreamers are usually the ones that succeed greatly. Smoke less, drink less, stay sexually protected, eat healthy, exercise and focus on the things that make you laugh and you will live a long happy Life.

To listen to Uti’s new single – ‘Once in my life’ click here

Picture courtesy of Uti

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