Interview: The “NewQueen Of TV Show” Shares How It Started, Plans For “@ Home With Joselyn Dumas” And Keeping Her Jaw Dropping Figure In Check!

Before we finally got to actually do this interview, Joselyn Dumas (“S” is silent in Dumas, so pronounced as “Duma”) and I had spoken, texted and emailed each other like God only knows how many times. We have been going back and forthfor about four months since the first day I spoke to her about getting an interview feature done.

Well, four months down the line, after a lot of phone calls, meeting ups, text messaging and email exchanges (lost in translation due to Nigerian mobile network issues), we finally got her to take time from her hectic schedule to do this! Phew….

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Well, to bring you up to speed with JoselynDumas, she was born and raised in Ghana, where she had her early education and continued to the United States where she studied to become a Paralegal. She moved back home to Accra, Ghana some five years ago and has never looked back since then.


In Nigeria, we all got to know about this damsel when she play the video vixen as the bride in Nigerian hit making artist Lynxxx “Fine Lady” Featuring Wizkid video.According to Ms Dumas,“Lynxxx is a good friend and when he asked me to play the bride in his video I was excited, hey he&#39s eye candy….lol”, well who wouldn’t resist playing alongside Lynxxx – the hotie!I asked if she would ever consider playing a video vixen again, she said, “never say Never! but for now I would say no!”.

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The thing a lot of people, especially here in Nigeria do not know about Ms Dumas is that she has always been keen on entertainment and the arts for as long as she can remember, she was in the debaters and drama clubs back in school, that was when a very good friend of hers took her to audition for a show with Charter House, an events and production company and the rest they say is history.


Prior to her newMNetTV show “@ Home With Joselyn Dumas”, which she took over from fellow Ghanaian TV personality Michelle Attoh, she had worked on other projects including a TV show “The One Show and acted in a few movies and TV series. She was also in the “Diamonds From Africa” Campaign with other TV personalities such as OsasIghodaro, DzigbordiKwaku-Dosoo, Anita Erskine, Michelle Attoh andGeetaSidhu-Robb. Currently, she is working on her web series “Boudoir”. Ms Dumas is also the face of luxury automobile brand- Range Rover Evoque in Ghana. Quite an impressive resume!


She visited Lagos recently for press rounds to promote “@ Home With Joselyn Dumas”, where we got to meet this beautiful, humble and talented lady. Shetalksexclusively to and shares how it all started, plans for the future and how she keeps that gorgeous figure in check!

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OB: How did you get into TV presenting?

JD: I&#39ve always been keen on entertainment and the arts for as long as I can remember, was in the debaters and drama clubs back in school, so a very good friend took me to audition for a show with charter house an events and production company and the rest they say is history.


OB: Tell us about your previous show, “The One Show” and web series, what were they about?

JD: I started hosting the one show about three years ago on Viasat 1 and I thank God for the opportunity. I was head hunted for the position and I&#39m always grateful to Viasat 1 television for the opportunity. I have a new web series coming out called “Boudoir”.


OB: You are also an actress and have been in some movies and TV series, any plans for acting in the near future? If so, tell us what do you have lined up?

JD: I love acting and I thank God for this talent… I have a lot coming up this year and I&#39m particularly excited about the few I have lined up in Nigeria.


OB: You were the face of Range Rover Evoque in Ghana, apart from landing a huge deal like that, what were the perks you got that people probably never got to know about?

JD: Wow I guess driving such a beautiful car is a perk on its own hahahaha….and what my fans and supporters  should know is their support for me is always welcome and I appreciate them.


OB: What is happening with your project as co-producer on Miss Malaika?

JD: Ooh I don&#39t work with Charter House the production company responsible for the pageant, however, I have an amazing relationship with them and this year I&#39m mentoring the girls. Very excited about that.

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OB: Your new show, “@ home with Joselyn Dumas”, is this going to be a long term thing with you as the host?

JD: Yes it will be, my management team ifactorylive are the producers of the show and I thank God for this opportunity.


OB: What new angle and fresh ideas are you bringing to the show?

JD: More of myself as it&#39s very chatty conversational and my guests relax and feel at home….We gist like we will when I get a visit from friends….


OB: Can you name some of the Nigerian celebrities you will be interviewing soon?

JD: Oh wow looking forward to interviewing in the industry. Africa and Nigeria for that matter has a lot of talent in all the sectors so I&#39d like to have a conversation with everyone.

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Joselyn Dumas at interview with MNet53

Extra at Eko Hotel & Suits

in Victoria Island, Lagos

Joselyn Dumas being

interviewed by

a Nigerian newspaper journalist

Joselyn Dumas wearing a Nichole

By Haguanna

bib necklace at MNet Lagos Office



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Joselyn Dumas wearing a Nichole By Haguanna

bib necklace with friend  & Biola Alabi,

Managing Director of MNet

Africa in Lagos

Joselyn Dumas wearing a Nichole

By Haguanna layered beaded


Joselyn Dumas with friend & Zedeye

at the Beat99.9FM radio

station in Lagos


OB: Now to fashion, tell us about your personal style?

JD: I live by Leonardo Da Vinci&#39s quote “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” classy, simple and comfort mean so much to me.

OB: Are you a shoes or handbags kind of girl?

JD: Yes yesyes to both!

OB: What designers do you favour?

JD: I love things made in Africa, I wear a lot of DuabaSerwa pieces, She by Bena. And in terms of the Western designers I&#39m not too fussed as long as it looks good I&#39ll wear it.

OB: What do you do when you&#39re having a bad hair day?

JD: I like scarves and I make sure my makeup is a tad bit pronounced to take attention from the hair. Hhahahahaha…

OB: What&#39s your beauty routine and secret?

JD: Drink a lot of water and I get a lot of good exercise.

OB: What beauty/makeup products do you swear by?

JD: Mascara and my lip-gloss from Lancôme.

OB: Tell us about your weight loss and presently keeping your figure fabulous and in check?

JD: I exercise regularly and I try to eat healthy emphasis on “TRY”.

OB: Are you in a relationship now?

JD: Yes

OB: What next should we expect from Joselyn Dumas?

JD: A lot wish I could share but watch this space …



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For more information on Joselyn Dumas, visit her Website:

Follow on Twitter: @Joselyn_Dumas | Instagram: joselyn_dumas | Like of facebook: JoselynDumas(official)

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