News Anchor Bashes Beyonce Over “Attention Seeking” Superbowl Performance – Watch!

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Tomi Lahren, an online news anchor for ‘The Blaze’ has come under fire with many calling her “racist cracker” and “redneck ass bitch” after her critique of Beyonce’s “black power” super bowl half time performance. Click here to watch.

According to TMZ, Lahren however remains recalcitrantsaying that the “Black Lives Matter folks” and “militant Bey Hivers” completely missed her message — that America should be coming together.

In the video clip, Lahren bashes Beyonce’s performance saying: “this isn’t about equality but ramrodding an aggressive agenda down our throats using fame and entertainment value to do so. Beyonce…really? What is the political message here?…” In another part, she spills some dirty secretes about JayZ alluding to his former “drug dealing” occupation.


Watch the video below!

Do you get her point?




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