Nigeria May Suspend Flights From UAE, Netherlands Due to Covid-19 


Musa Nuhu

More Covid-19 travel woes….

The Nigerian Government has said it may suspend flights from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and The Netherlands due to the new COVID-19 protocols introduced by both countries for incoming travellers.

Musa Nuhu, the Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), announced this while speaking at the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 briefing yesterday.

He said:

“Both countries have recently requested that passengers from Nigeria must carry out a PCR test four hours before departing the country.”

“In addition to the requirements are a requirement for PCR test before passengers depart from Nigeria to their countries. They are adding an extra requirement of having a rapid test done four hours before departure or before you board,” he said.

“For us, passengers do the test 72 hours before departure and then the PCR test and the PTF recognizes the rights of all countries to put in measures to protect their citizens just like Nigeria has done.”

“If they insist on having these additional tests being done, then PTF has decided that their operations will be suspended into Nigeria.”

“The countries and airlines coming from there cannot determine for Nigeria who to approve or how these tests will be done. The government will be discussing with the airlines and countries involved.”

“This will enable the PTF to have a clear and transparent process on determining who will do these test “based on the requirement for accreditation by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, National Laboratory Council, Lagos State Government for Lagos Airport and FCT for Abuja airport.”

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